Commercial Yachting 200 GT

The Antwerp Maritime Academy offers a training programme in commercial yachting 200 GT. This training is aimed at the crew of pleasure craft used for commercial activities, with a gross tonnage lower than 200 or a length from 2,5 to 24 meters. The crafts are allowed up to 30 nautical miles of coast.
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Commercial Yachting 200 GT


The training programme is in compliance with the Belgian regulations: Koninklijk besluit of 22.08.2020. ((KB van 22.08.2020, bijlage I, hoofdstuk VII, punt VII/6 and VII/7) The training programme is based on STCW requirements and is approved by the Belgian Federal Administration for Mobility and Transport. The programme consists of various modules, allowing for tailor-made training.

At the end of the training session you will receive a certificate, proving that you have completed all modules successfully.


To receive a Certificate of Competence you must present yourself at the Belgian Federal Administration for Mobility and Transport, Posthoflei 5, 2600 Antwerpen (Berchem), tel. 03-286 68 90,,
with following documents:

  • Certificate of all followed training modules (HZS)
  • Individual STCW certificates
  • GMDSS certificate
  • Medical certificate, to be obtained from Mediport, Italiëlei 51, 2000 Antwerpen, tel. 03-225 00 15,
  • Overview of sailing time.