Before you start

Interested in enrolling in the Hydrography B programme or some of its courses?

How to apply for this programme

Before you apply. Make sure you meet the entry requirements. Required documents include:



  • Bachelor degree,
  • Academic transcript and possible/potential certificates,
  • Evidence of knowledge in mathematics and physics
  • Evidence of English language ability, if English is not your first language

(in case of doubts about your qualifications, please contact…for more information )

When to apply

Applications can be made between 1st February and 31st July. Non-EU applicants however should complete the procedure before 30th June. For more information, please contact hydrography@hzs.be.

To apply – step 1: register online

On this page, you can find the online registration form.

With this basic information we can start to create your own personal file. You will receive confirmation on your registration by e-mail and documents to complete your application:

  • an application portfolio;
  • a document to request exemptions.

To apply – step 2: application portfolio and documents

Complete your personal curriculum by this application portfolio. As candidates need to meet the entry requirements, you should  provide a scan of your diploma(s) and of the notarized translation if the language of the document(s) is not in English, Dutch, French, German or Spanish. You should join a list of courses you followed/took successfully.


Send these documents per mail or e-mail to the Maritime Academy.


Students with a non-European diploma need to submit (upon their arrival in Belgium) legalized copies of their documents (details on the procedure you should follow, please contact hydrography@hzs.be).


What will happen after my application

You will receive a decision on your application within three weeks after reception of your application portfolio.


You may be asked to provide additional information, documents or to take part in an interview (is possible by video conference).


If you wish/want to discuss any detail of the programme or the application procedure, please get in touch via hydrography@hzs.be.

Registration and tuition fee

The registration fee is €250; the tuition fee for the programme consists of € 75 per credit for EU citizens and € 150 for non-EU citizens (at a max. of 60 credits)


The programme is currently not eligible for grants and funding.