Improving the accessibility & reusability of the AIRCHECQ deliverables to new disciplines
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Goal of the AIRCHECQ+ project

The valorisation goal of the AIRCHECQ+ project is to make the developed AIRCHECQ results accessible outside the domain they were originally intended for. During this project we explicitly target sectors where air quality has an impact on its immediate environment (comfort and human health in ships, corrosion prevention of wind mills, the fluctuating hazard intensity of pollution sources such as power plants, etc.). The goal is to explore the potential to enable growth and innovation through reuse of the AIRCHECQ results by all stakeholders at all levels of society and not only by the original target group of the AIRCHECQ project.


Period 01/09/2019 – 31/08/2021

Olivier Schalm ~

AMA, Sustainable Transport

Serge De Meyer ~

University of Antwerp

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