Marine engineering

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From the coming academic year (2021-2022), the Marine Engineering course will be offered as an academic course (3 years bachelor + 1 year master).


In de master bouw je de kennis en praktijk verder uit van het eerste, tweede jaar en derde jaar.

Courses Master year

STCW Management Level + STCW AIII/6 Electro Technical Officer

  • Compulsory courses - Core Modules: Mechatronics - Information and communication technology - Marine engineer skills training Multidisciplinary simulator exercises and seminars - Optimization and innovation of energy systems - Dredging techniques - Management of innovation in marine engineering - Advanced control technologies - Classification and survey - Communication strategies
  • Elective courses related to research domains: Advanced maritime ecology and technology - Maritime transportation - Analysis of shipping markets - Data science - Port management and policy - Hydrodynamics of a vessel - Offshore technology for engineers Advanced stability- Advanced tanker training Oil - Gas & IGF - Chemicals
  • Master's thesis

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