Marine engineering

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From the academic year (2021-2022), the Marine Engineering course is offered as an academic course (3 years bachelor + 1 year master).

1st Bachelor

The first year provides you with a basis for the rest of your studies. You will gradually get to know the systems on board a ship. In addition, you get a good package of mathematics and physics. Nevertheless, a lot of attention is paid to practicality from the start. In your first year you will obtain all the necessary safety certificates to be allowed on board a ship. During your first Bachelor you will go on a sea internship on the DAR Młodzieży for a month. IMPORTANT! Note that our Bachelor and Master programmes Nautical Sciences and Marine Engineering are taught in Dutch or French, not in English. You'll need a language level B2 in either Dutch or French to study the full programme at Antwerp Maritime Academy.

Courses 1st Bachelor

STCW Management Level (year 1+2+3)

  • Nautical Faculty: Stability and Shipbuilding – Ship Safety – Fire Fighting – Maritime Environmental Issues – ISPS & ISM – Ship Administration and Maritime Law – Tanker Cargo Handling – Dangerous Goods
  • Faculty of Science: Introduction to Economics and Business Management - Maritime Economics – Mathematics/Physics – Data Analysis – Chemistry – General Mechanics and Hydromechanics – Maritime Medicine – Maritime English – Communication and Reporting – Psychology: Human Aspects in Maritime
  • Faculty of Marine Engineering: General Electricity – Marine Diesel Engines – Marine Auxiliary Tools – Technical Drawing, Workshop Engineering – Strengths – Ship Automation – Ship Electronics and Electrical Engineering – Engine Resource Management – ​​Multidisciplinary Simulator Exercises – Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer – Steam Installations – Innovative Maritime Technologies
  • Internship on board
  • Bachelor thesis and research skills


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