Around 90 percent of the world transport takes place over the sea. It is also the most environmentally friendly way to transport goods. The international merchant fleet consists of around 50,000 ships that transport everything from gas to gas to containers.
On board

Not every ship in merchant navy is three months on the road between SHANGHAI and Antwerp Pakweg. That is only the case for the so-called 'long roaming'. In small commercial shipping it concerns ships up to 3000 BRT (Grossegist Ton) that are used for coastal shipping and ferry services.

Did you know that the Belgian shipowners check a fleet that is greater than that of the Netherlands, Spain and France in tonnage? The ships they exploit are often precious samples of technology and far-reaching automation.

The EXMER shipowner is the largest guest anchor shipping company in the world. Bocimar specializes in dry bulking (ores, coal), while Euronav has super tankers for transporting crude oil. Safmarine is an important container shipping company. Other Belgian shipping companies such as Ahlers, Fast Lines, Delphis, etc. offer specialized services. All these firms are members of the Royal Belgian Redes' Association.

The diplomas of the higher maritime school are recognized internationally. For example, you can also sail for Dutch or French shipping companies.