Nautical Sciences

Before you start

Decided to go for it? Welcome aboard (that's the last pun, promise). To ensure that the start goes smoothly, it is best to arrange these points in advance. Feel free to contact the student administration if you have any questions. We are very happy to help you.


Sailing involves risks and you must insure yourself against those risks. Fortunately, you can participate in our school's policies: they provide ample coverage and are not too expensive.

  • School policy: with this you cover your liability during school activities, internships and study trips and you are reimbursed in the event of physical accidents during school activities and on the way back and forth to the University of Applied Sciences.
  • Work accidents trainees: this policy covers your work accidents during your mandatory internship. Any accidents on the way to and from the internship are covered by the Schoolpolis.
  • Assistance policy: with this you cover the costs of repatriation, travel assistance and you insure the reimbursement of medical costs abroad after illness or accident (after the intervention of the health insurance company) for foreign trips made in the context of school activities.